A’sh Glass Candles


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Luxurious Australian-made soy candles designed to create the ambience you love in your favourite spaces.

Established in 2015, A’sh Candles is headed by Steph Curtis, a self-confessed lover of all things girlie including dressing up, fashion, make-up, jewellery and delicious scents.

A busy mother to four adventurous sons, over the years Steph has fine-tuned her passion of soy candle making, incorporating her love of the beach, nature and fragrances, to create an exotic collection of luxury soy candles.

While her days might be packed with balancing family life, Steph always has focused on creating a relaxing space to recharge to help reduce stress & anxiety and induce quality sleep.

Like most mums, Steph is passionate about focusing on a work/life balance and embarked on her A’sh Candles journey as a way to help others focus on creating a calm and rejuvenating space using the restorative benefits of scented candles.